(Liliaceae, Iridaceae Asphodelacea, Fabaceae, Rosaceae and Brassicaceae)

Route № 2  (Ferghana Valley Area –Chu Valley Area) 10 days from April 15 till 25

1 Day

Meeting in Osh town, placing in hotel, breakfast at the cafe

10.00 8.00 Cultural program in the Osh city at an altitude of 950 m, excursion of Suleiman –Too Mountain and Oriental Bazaar  (Market)

Osh is another ancient city of Middle Asia, the main city in the south of modern Kyrgyzstan. According to the most conservative estimates, it is about 2500 years old. For many millennia, due to its geographically convenient location at the foot of the spurs of the Alai Mt. Range, it was a transit city of the Great Silk Road in the direction from the Fergana oasis to Kashgar.

  In the center of Osh there is a four-headed rocky mountain Suleiman-Too. It is a unique historical and architectural monument. The sacred mountain served as a natural defense against enemies and has been a place of worship for pilgrims and tourists from all over the world since ancient times.

13.00 Dinner at the café

19.00 Supper and hotel accommodation (Osh town)

2 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel


10.00  Trip from the Osh town to the Batken town at an altitude of 1,050 m. On time route with stops in the gorges of Kichik-Alai Mt. Range at an altitude of 1,390 m and Katran-Too Mt. Range at an altitude 800 m

On the way from the town of Osh to the town of Batken, you will see many villages with a special Asian flavor and numerous bazaars.   At the northern foothills of the Katran-Too Range there is a low hills with bright red soils.These are the remains of the coast of the ancient Tethys Sea. You will be able to see and even touch the shells of ancient mollusks in the deposits of 300 million years old.

13.00 Dinner at the café

Species of flowers:

  1. Eremurus albertii – Kichik-Alai Mt. Range
  2. Eremurus regeli – Kichik-Alai Mt. Range
  3. Rosa kokanica – Katran-Too Mt. Range
  4. Rosa ecae  – Katran-Too Mt. Range
  5. Petilium eduardii  – foothills of Turkestan Mt. Range

20.00 Supper and hotel accommodation in Batken

3 Day

8.00 Breakfast at the cafe

10.00  Tour of Batken region, including Turkestan Mt. Range and return trip to Uzgen or Zhalal-Abad towns

You will start the day with a trip to the mountain where the legendary Aigul flower (Petilium eduardii)  grows. This is one of the rare flowers found in Kyrgyzstan, which grows only in the Batken region in the Turkestan Range. The name of the flower translates as Moon flower

13.00 Dinner at the cafe


Species of flowers:

  1. Petilium eduardii  – Batken Area, foothills of Turkestan Mt. Range

In the afternoon you will arrive in the ancient city of Uzgen. Once, in the 2nd century BC, on the way from the Ferghana Valley to the legendary Kashgar, ancient travelers with all their caravans of camels and horses chose a place to rest - the town of Uzgen - a village between the Kara-Darya and Yassy rivers. Today Uzgen is the administrative center of the Uzgen district of the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan, located between large cities - Osh and Jalal-Abad. For a whole millennium, Uzgen has been an important transit point for various travelers.

     In the middle of the 11th century, the Karakhanids (a Turkic dynasty that reigned in 840-1212) founded one of their capitals here. The Karakhanid state was one of the powerful states of the medieval East, and Uzgen was the center of trade, construction and crafts. There you will see the Uzgen minaret, whose height is about 27.5 m, was built at the beginning of the 12th century, when the city was the capital of the Karakhanid state.

  1. Uzgen minaret  - mausoleum of the Karakhanid Khanate

20.00 Supper in the hotel (Uzgen or Zhalal-Abad)

4 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel (Uzgen or Zhalal-Abad)

10.00  A trip from the Uzgen town at an altitude of 990 m to the Karakul town at an altitude of 930 m. The route with stops in the gorges of the Naryn River canyon

You will see a powerful rocky canyon, along the bottom of which the Naryn River of amazing turquoise color flows. In the side gorges you will find wonderful endemic flowering plants. There are petroglyphs on the rocks in one of the gorges .


13.00 Dinner at the café

  1. Species of flowers:
  2. Eremurus fuscus  – Naryn River canyon
  3. Iris songarica – Naryn River canyon
  4. Glaucium elegans – Naryn River canyon
  5. Glaucium fimbrilligerum – Naryn River canyon
  6. Sophora korolkowi – Naryn River canyon
  7.  Astragalus lorinserianus – Naryn River canyon
  8. Allium karataviense  – Naryn River canyon
  9. Korolkowia sewerzowii –Naryn River canyon
  10. Petroglyphs  – Naryn River canyon (Razansai)

20.00  Supper at the cafe and hotel accommodation (Karakul)

5 Day

8.00 Breakfast at the café

10.00  Trip from the Karakul town to the Toktogul town through of Karasu Gorge and Kok-Bel Pass, Torkent river valley and southern coast of Toktogul Water Reservoir

You will see a giant bowl of the Ketmen-Tube Depression, in which one of the largest reservoirs in Central Asia is located on the Naryn River. You will pass between steep loess slopes at the Kok-Bel pass, which translates as a blue pass. And indeed the talus, rocks and slopes in this place are blue, pink, white and purple, and also the beautiful river valley of the Karasu River. Everywhere, throughout the trip, you will see many types of flowering plants.

13.00 Dinner at the café

Species of flowers:

  1. Juno graeberiana – Kok-Bel Pass
  2. Tulipa tetraphylla – Kok-Bel Pass
  3. Allium anisotepalum – Southern coast of the Toktogul Water Reservoir
  4. Allium karataviense – Karasu  River gorge
  5. Allium dodecadontum – Karasu River gorge
  6. Korolkowia sewerzowii – Southern coast of the Toktogul Water Reservoir

20.00 Supper in the hotel

6 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel (Toktogul town)

10.00  Trip from the Toktogul town to the Bishkek town through of Chichkan Gorge at an altitude from 890 up to 2,800  m, Alabel Pass Alabel Pass at an altitude of 3,175 m, Suusamyr Valley at an altitude from 2,650 down to 2,200 m and Tunnel on the Teo-Asshu Pass at an altitude of 3,150 m.

13.00 Dinner at the café

You will see deep rocky gorges, high-altitude snow-covered valleys, fast-flowing mountain rivers, powerful rocky massifs and glaciers shining in the sun, and of course, beautiful high-altitude flowers.                                                                                                                                                            

Species of flowers:

  1. Colchicum luteum  – Chichkan River gorge
  2. Tulipa dasystemon  – Suusamyr Valley
  3. Colchicum kesselringii  – Suusamyr Valley
  4. Iridodictium kolpakovskianum  – Suusamyr Valley
  5. Tulipa tetraphylla – Suusamyr Valley
  6. Chorispora sibirica – Suusamyr Valley
  7. Chorispora bungeana – Suusamyr Valley                                                                                                                                      

20.00 Supper and placing in hotel (Bishkek)

7 Day

9.00 Breakfast in hotel (Bishkek)

Bishkek city tour (Historical Museum , Oriental Bazaar (Market), Tsum ( souvenirs)

The city was founded in 1878 as a settlement on the site of the former Kokand fortress Pishpek, which in 1926 was renamed Frunze in memory of the Soviet military figure Mikhail Frunze.

14.00 Dinner at the “ Pilaf house ” or “Supara” Cafe

20.00 Supper in hotel (Bishkek)

8 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel (Bishkek)

9.00  Trip from Bishkek town to the Shabdan Village in the Chon-Kemin River gorge (through of Kastek Mt. Range at an altitude from 1,230 up to 1,720 m, Kichi-Kemin River gorge at an altitude from 1,350 up to 2,100 m and Chon-Kemin River gorge at an altitude from 1,350 up to 1,530 m).

You will see the valley of the Chu River, one of the main rivers of the northern Tien Shan, wonderful gorges with diverse vegetation, fast rivers with crystal clear water and flowering apple trees. And also various types of tulips of the most diverse colors.

14.00 Dinner in the mountains and at the cafe

Species of flowers:

  1. Tulipa ostrowskiana  – Kastek Mt. Range
  2. Tulipa sp. nov. – Kastek Mt. Range
  3. Tulipa tarda – Kastek Mt. Range
  4. Paeonia intermedia  – Kastek Mt. Range
  5. Corydalis glaucescens  – Kichi-Kemin River gorge
  6. Viola acutifolia  – Kichi-Kemin River gorge
  7. Malus sieversii  – Kichi-Kemin River gorge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

20.00  Supper, accommodation and overnight at the hotel in the Chon-Kemin River gorge.


9 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel (Chon-Kemin)

10.00  Trip from  Chon-Kemin River gorge to the Boom Canyon in Chu River valley at an altitude from 1,350 up to 1,800 m

You will visit the wonderful and unusual Boom Canyon in the valley of the Chu River, where you will also see various endemic flowering plants of Central Asia. And also on the way to Bishkek, see the medieval monument of the Karakhanid state - the Burana Tower.

14.00 Dinner at the cafe

Species of flowers:

  1. Tulipa zenaidae – Boom Gorge
  2. Tulipa ostrowskiana  – Boom Gorge
  3. Tulipa dasystemon  – Boom Gorge
  4. Caragana kirghisorum  – Boom Gorge
  5. Caragana camilli-schneideri  – Boom Gorge

16.00  The way back to the Bishkek town along the valley of the Chu River and of the Alexander Mt. Range

Burana Tower  - a minaret of the 9th-11th centuries of the Karakhanid state in the Chu valley

21.00 Supper and hotel accommodation (Bishkek)

10 Day

8.00 Breakfast in hotel (Bishkek)

9.00 Trip in foothills of Alexander Mt. Range   Besh-Kungei Hills at an altitude of 1,000 m, Archaly Gorge at an altitude of 1,750 m and Serafimovka Gorge at an altitude of 1,100 m)

14.00 Dinner at the cafe

  1. Tulipa zenaidae – Archaly Gorge
  2. Tulipa greigii – Besh-Kungei Hills, Serafimovka Gorge
  3. Caragana camilli-schneideri  – Besh-Kungei Hills
  4. Allium caesium  – Besh-Kungei Hills                                                                                                                                                    

20.00 Supper and placing in hotel in Bishkek town

11 Day 


Breakfast in hotel (Bishkek)

Departure from airport of Bishkek town

Price for a group of 10 persons

Duration of round of 10 days

The price for one person 160 $  a day

The price for one person for all round - 1600 $

Prepayment - $ 200  per person

This amount includes the following services:

  1. Mercedes-Benz bus - sprinter with driver
  2. payment for accommodation in hotels
  3. three meals a day, excluding alcoholic drinks
  4. services of an interpreter and guide